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Dodo Juice Need For Speed AIO Cleaner Wax (500ml)

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Dodo Juice Need For Speed AIO Cleaner Wax (500ml)
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When Polishing Speed Is King

The Dodo Juice Need For Speed is an All-in-One (AIO) Polish Wax, also known as a cleaner wax or wax polish. Sometimes when there simply isn't the time or need to polish and wax your car the long way round; use Need for Speed. As an all-in-one super juice that cleans and polishes paintwork to a wicked lustre before leaving behind a protective coating of Brazilian carnauba wax and sophisticated sealant additives.

To be clear this product won't compete individually against a purpose polish or a high-end carnauba wax. However, Dodo Juice Need For Speed will still give 2-3 months of protection. It’s probably the quickest and easiest way to juice your car – and you can always top it up with a paste wax or spray sealant later. Think of it as a shortcut to great detailing results when time is not on your side.

If you do have a little more time to get the machine polisher out you can always use the Need For Speed AIO to both cut and protect in one stage.

Cleaner waxes/AIOs are perhaps a little misunderstood, understated and under-acknowledged, seen by many detailers as being a bit too 'general purpose'. What's not to like? A gentle cut, great cleaning and fantastic gloss and protection in just one bottle. Need for Speed is a product that will really impress you if you give it a go.

Sizes: 500ml


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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