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Meguiars Wash Plus+ Car Shampoo (709ml)

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Supreme Car Maintenance Shampoo

Meguiar’s Car Wash Plus+, is a fast and easy way to wash your car, but with an added twist of actively removing swirl marks as you clean. Unlike conventional car shampoos, the Wash Plus+ is applied directly to your car wash mitt and then wiped over the car, no back and forth trips to your wash bucket set.

Bugs, tar, grease, light stains and even light scuff marks can now all be washed away in the cleaning process. As the abrasives in the Meguiars Car Wash Plus+ are very light, it is still extremely gentle on car paintwork. The extra benefit of the all-in-one wash step is the removal of old wax layers. If you are looking to reapply a protective layer but want to remove the old versions for best results, the Car Wash Plus+ can do this for you without the additional polishing stage. Remember, for normal wash maintenance to keep a protective layer on the car, use an alternative Meguiars Shampoo.

How Does Wash Plus+ Work?

Car Wash Plus+ is formulated like a blend of a clay bar and car polish. The clay element lifts out ground in contaminations, whilst the polishing element removes light swirls thanks to the slight abrasive material. The formulation is of course a secret but from the thousands of reviews, car enthusiasts truly do see the benefits of such a quick process leaving their car shinier than before.


  • Super concentrated formula for maximum cleaning
  • Easily removes bugs, grime, tar and light scuff marks
  • Apply directly to wash mitt - no bucket needed!
  • Contains special polishing agents to improve appearance
  • Strip contaminants including dirt, tar, and grime
  • Strips wax coatings

How To Use:

  • Rinse the car down with water (use a Pre-Wash for an extra deep clean)
  • Apply Car Wash Plus+ to your detailing wet wash mitt
  • Apply to the car, working from the top of the car to the bottom, going over a panel at a time
  • Rinse off panel immediately (do not allow to dry)
  • Repeat for stubborn areas

Size: 709ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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