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Swissvax Discovery Kit Opaque

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Swissvax Discovery Kit Opaque
Swissvax Discovery Kit Opaque
Swissvax Discovery Kit Opaque
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Discover The World Of Swissvax Opaque.

Caring for your matt or satin paintwork can be tricky, luckly Swissvax have an all in one kit from clean, prep and protection to keep your matte or satin paintwork looking its best. A fantastic discovery kit into car washing & protection, with some of the most premium products available. Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Opaque preserves and nourishes the paintwork using polishing oils, removing tar, tree resin and old wax, without the use of abrasives.

Car Bath Opaque is a paintwork friendly shampoo concentrate that gently and effectively breaks the bond between dirt and the paint surface. Its pH-neutral formula guarantees your high-quality wax finish will not be destroyed. With a incredible 200:1 dilution ratio. All without adding any gloss.

Protecting matte or satin paint and wraps is important as the surface is more delicate compared to regular gloss. Swissvax Opaque Wax is a premium wax specially developed for satin matt paintwork types. With 40% by volume pure Brazilian Grade One Carnauba, Opaque offers your automobile's paintwork a long term protection against all kinds of environmental and industrial contaminants without damaging the satin matt appearance.

Discover now why Swissvax is an OEM supplier of car care products to Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Porsche. This is the perfect introduction to a maintenance routine for your car, all the basic products in a Swissvax branded carry. Treat yourself or as a special gift, for up to five car treatments.

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