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Swissvax Wheel Cleaning Concentrate (250ml & 470ml)

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Swissvax Wheel Cleaning Concentrate - 250ml
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Concentrated Wheel Cleaning.

Brake dust, salt, grit and road grime all build up on wheels, making them unsightly and potentially causing damage to the wheel surface.

Swissvax Wheel is a highly concentrated wheel cleaning concentrate which makes up to 1 litre of wheel cleaner. Enriched with peppermint oil to effectively break down the bond between the dirt, brake dust and the wheel surface, Wheel will keep your wheels clean and shiny.

Simply dilute to required ratio using the Swissvax Mixing Bottle, spray on to the cool wheel surface, allow to work for 1-2 minutes, agitate with Wheel Brush if necessary, and then rinse away to reveal a sparkling wheel surface.

Safe on all wheel types.

Size: 250ml & 470ml

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