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Angelwax TI-22 Spray Sealant (250ml)

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Angelwax TI-22 Spray Sealant (250ml)
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Titanium based spray protection

T1-22 is a unique Titanium based spray sealant designed to be applied after polishing to create a tough durable seal on which to apply a wax coating.

The chemical composition of Ti-22 makes this a simple yet brilliant formulation due to the nature of its key component, Titanium. Titanium is a natural element that has a low density with excellent resistance to corrosion and acid, making this sealant the perfect way to protect your paintwork.

Ti-22 is a pH Neutral product and is completely wax safe and gentle on the skin as well as all types of paintwork.

Features & Benefits:

  • pH neutral formula
  • Effective durable spray sealant
  • Prepares surfaces for wax coatings
  • Wax safe
  • Safe on all paint varieties

Directions for use:

  • Thoroughly wash, rinse & dry the vehicle
  • Polish the vehicle
  • Apply Angelwax Ti-22 to cool bodywork using a clean, dry microfibre cloth
  • Wipe off the formulation straight after application

Size: 250ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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