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Car Bird Dropping Removers

Bird Dropping Removers soften hardened or baked-on birdlime. This allows for a safe removal from the car's surfaces with minimal risk of scratching. Remove bird droppings with ease using one of these bird dropping remover products. Bird droppings are a common sight on vehicles, live anywhere by the sea, and you likely wake up every morning to see the latest bird target practice. While it may seem harmless and more of a nuisance, bird droppings can actually cause damage to car paint and other car surfaces over time.

The bird droppings can have an acidity level of between 3-4 which will “etch” the paintwork leaving behind an imprint of the dropping. Bird dropping cleaners come into their own at this point; specifically designed to remove bird droppings and balance out the acidity level to stop the chemical reaction between the dropping and lacquer.

The acid in bird droppings will eat away at the clear coat and in extreme cases penetrate the colour paint itself to lead to corrosion. Some common questions we get:

  • Does bird droppings damage car paint? - Yes if left too long
  • How long can you leave bird poop on your car? It is best to remove it as quick as possible to prevent damage, but there is no set minimum time for etching to occur.
  • Can I leave bird poop on my car? - No, it will lead to corrosion eventually
  • Why do birds poop on my car? - Simply they are attracted to shiny surface and normally cars are parked under areas that birds can rest such as trees or telephone lines.
  • Will rain wash bird poop off car? - Waiting for it to rain, and that rain being enough to wash the dropping away is not a reliable way to prevent damage.
  • Does WD-40 remove bird poop? While WD-40 is sometimes used as a makeshift bird dropping remover, it's not recommended. The petroleum can damage paintwork or other surfaces if used improperly.

Bird dropping removers are specially formulated to dissolve and remove bird droppings from surfaces without causing damage. Here are a few popular products: