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Car Detailing Pre Wash

The pre wash phase of car maintenance enables the safe removal of bigger pieces of dirt. This type of dirt can often induce swirl marks if not removed before your contact wash phase using a wash mitt. Pre wash car cleaners will soften traffic film, dirt, bird lime and insect remains. Products are frequently ready to use, but application via a pump sprayer or foamer is also an option.

A PreWash is design more for chemically breaking down TFR and other greasy contamination found on primarily lower seals. Citrus Prewash Car Cleaner, shifting all the traffic film safely from your car before the contact wash. Spray and rinse cleaners to break down the grime safely; browse our collection below.

If your car is particularly dirty or has been subject to greasy fallout from say rain on the road, you should use a pre-wash and a snow foam. Pre-Wash is there to remove grease, grime, and traffic film; snow foam is there to remove grit and sand. Both of which can introduce swirls and scratches into your paintwork. Through the summer, you may just require a snow foam.

The pre-wash will be the first chemical you spray onto the car, us this before any snow foam, shampoo, or contamination removers such as bug & tar. Of course, you can jet wash down the car before anything else is done, this can be helpful to remove dirt that is just loose.

We offer specialist pre wash products such as citrus pre wash solutions and detergents. The products are formulated to clean a car depending on the cleaning requirements. pH neutral car pre wash spray will be hard on dirt and gentle on pre-existing protective wax or ceramic coatings. For more intensive pre wash cleaning, that will even strip a protective coating, choose a more aggressive pre wash cleaner.