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Car Traffic Film Removers

Car traffic film, degreasers, and all-purpose cleaners (APCs) are essential products in car detailing and cleaning. Designed to remove stubborn dirt, road grime and greasy or oily dirt that accumulates on your car from driving. We offer a wide range of car traffic film, degreasers, and APCs from top brands like Auto Finesse, Autoglym, Bilt-Hamber, Cartec, Chemical Guys, Dodo Juice, Gtechniq, Koch-Chemie, Meguiar's, Nanolex, ValetPRO and UF.

Car traffic film, degreasers, and APCs are essential products for car detailing and cleaning. Contact us today to find out about specific products or which type may be more suitable for your car.

What is Car Traffic Film?

  • Car traffic film is a thin layer of dirt found all over the car but builds up mostly on the lower half of the car as the dirt is thrown up from the road whilst driving. To remove traffic film effectively, it is essential to use a specialized traffic film remover or TFR for short. Some of the most known TFRs, such as Auto Finesse, Bilt-Hamber, and Nanolex have specific formulas to target this greasy dirt without damaging the paintwork.

What are Degreasers?

  • Degreasers are a more powerful cleaner designed to remove stubborn grease and oil from a car's engine bay, jams and lower sections of the car. It is important to note that Degreasers are not exactly the same as APCs. While APCs can include degreasing properties, they are more of a versatile cleaner that can be used on various surfaces. Degreasers are specifically formulated to tackle tough grease and oily products which can build up over time and are normally located on the exterior of the car or engine bay.

What is an All-Purpose Cleaner (APC)?

  • An APC, as implied by the name, is a general cleaner to be used on all areas of a car, including the alloy wheels, engine bay, exterior surfaces, and even the interior. With a mix of basic surfactants or detergents for the cars and other motor vehicles; they are effective at removing most dirt and grime. Some may be a little stronger to tackle the exterior specifically. Most APCs can be diluted to use on more delicate surfaces such as fabrics and interiors, it is always best to do patch tests on and surfaces that have dyes to insure compatibility.

Where can I use an All Purpose Cleaner (APC) on the car?

  • Use an APC as a car degreaser spray or traffic film remover and target items such as grease and adhesives. An all-purpose car cleaner will work wonders on a variety of substrates. These include glass, paintwork, britework, plastics, leather, fabrics and more. Leave such areas untreated, and they can mar a car's appearance and damage surfaces. Using a combination of TFRs, Degreases & APCs over your car during different times of the year can give you the most effective wash without unnecessarily stripping away protective layers or filler polishes.

What type of dirt will an APC car cleaner help to remove?

  • Oil-based contamination repels water, and effective removal requires a specialist product. An APC penetrates the hydrophobic deposits to ensure all residues are completely removed. An APC will combat a variety of different contaminants. Traffic film, bug squash, tar, brake dust, tree sap and water spots are common types of fallout.