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Iron Fallout Removers

Iron Fallout Remover is a product that specifically targets brake dust particles. The spray-on solution helps to break down the bond of the iron to the surface it is stuck to. Iron fallout embeds itself in wheels & paintwork. Many red alloy wheel cleaners have iron fallout remover properties to shift this safely, leaving your car gleaming.

Iron and other metal particles are mainly derived from brake dust, meaning they will be hot and end up embedded into paintwork once cooled. As these particles harden onto surfaces, they can cause lasting damage if left for too long. Iron Fallout Removers spray-on solution shrinks any of the metal particle debris in place, loosening the bond with the surface for a safe removal when rinsed away. The majority of these iron treatment products include a pink or purple colour change function (including a rather forgettable odour quite often) enabling the user to physically see how it’s actively working on decontaminating surfaces.

Most Iron fallout removers contain colour-change properties. It is regularly mistaken for a red blood alloy wheel cleaner! This shows the product is working and indicates when safe to rinse the product away. A safe removal of debris without scratching any lacquer or clear coat can then be carried out. Iron Fallout Remover works effectively on a car's paintwork or wheels. They also offer fantastic non-contact cleaning power to help minimise scratching.

These products can be applied liberally to a vehicle’s bodywork as well as the wheels in order to ensure any other iron or fallout is taken out early on. Many pH balanced formulas can be used wash after wash, it safely removes contaminants and will not remove existing wax or sealant layers (smells a little nicer than the rest too!). Stronger versions should be used every 3rd wash to reduce the build up but not reduce the lifespan of the protective coatings.