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Car Detailing Bug Removers

Bug, Tar & Glue Remover contains an active ingredient that dissolves tar, glue and tree sap. These specialist products allow contamination to be safely rinsed off. Treating these contaminants in this way helps to avoid damage to paintwork.

The formulation in bug removers softens traces of sticky bug squash. This allows for easy and safe removal with minimal risk to paintwork. Generally these types of products come in a spray-on solution for ease of application.

When you have stubborn tar or glue spots to remove, using a glue and tar remover for cars is necessary. Applying tar remover on car surfaces can be done via a spray or straight pour from the bottle. The latter works well when applying tar remover on a car using a microfiber cloth to agitate. A glue remover is going to be particularly effective when removing something like an old car decal. Remove such items without harming the paintwork beneath.