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Waterless Car Washes

Not everyone has access to or the time to perform a complete valet or detail on their car wash after wash. This could be to location factors, time, hose pipe bans or even just not wanting to go the lengths of an in depth 2-4 hour wash every week. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your car looking better than most with a waterless wash product or even a combination of products that reduce the need for pressure washers and buckets alike.

We understand that many enthusiast and professionals, in the detailing scene, wouldn’t want to wash their cars without the use of all the equipment to prevent any form of swirling on the paintwork. This is correct and using lots of water as lubrication will indeed reduce scratching to car paint but using a waterless wash and other techniques you can achieve very similar results without the time.

Waterless wash solutions contain both cleaning and protective properties in one application with lift dirt away from the surface and leave behind a hydrophobic coating which can protect the paint from those very fine swirls. The longer you leave it between washes the more the dirt builds up but the fantastic element to waterless wash products you can use them straight away, just park up, grab the products and microfibres and get to work. Keeping on top of this process firstly improves the look of your vehicle daily but also save you time and hassle on cleaning a much dirtier car.


What is a dry car wash?

  • Simply a dry car wash uses products which do not require water (or certainly a lot of it) to remove the dirt from your car. Fantastic for cars that have very little mileage, those without the time to do a full wet wash or even for use on cars where larger amounts of water could lead to rust problems.

Is a waterless or dry car wash better for the environment?

  • Yes! Just simply yes, less chemicals are use, less water is wasted and as long as the wash is performed on a regular basis your car will look better than most on the road without the layers of built-up dirt.

Will a waterless or dry car wash scratch my car?

  • The most environmentally friendly way to wash your car is with a dry or waterless wash. No wasted water going down the drain, no harsh chemicals getting into our water system and less product being shipped around.

Will a waterless or dry car wash scratch my car?

Not necessarily a scratch but certainly swirls. Without the large volume of water acting as a lubricant, small swirls will be introduced into the paintwork in areas with more grit and sand. To tackle this, there are a few things that can be done.

  • 1 – Use a pump up pressure sprayer to break down much of this grit and add a minor amount of lubrication to the surface, yes it is a bit of water but much less than a pressure washer.
  • 2 – Keep on top of the wash; as a dry car wash is so quick to do, performing it every few days may seem a lot but will save you time in the long run. With less dirt build up on the car will result in less swirls.
  • What's more, most road-side car washes even with all the water used will put in the same number of swirls as they are using dirty cloths and equipment.

For the most effective "dry car wash" it is best to use a pump up foamer to apply a thick foam to the car prior to using the waterless wash solution. This will help loosen a lot of the grit and sand on the surface first and then use the cleaner to remove the dirt as normal. Having a hydrophobic coating in the form of a sealant or wax will keep the dirt off for longer and also make each dry wash a bit quicker and safer. Move over to the more eco-friendly way to wash your car and keep it spick and span daily.

Shop our range of waterless or dry car wash solutions and a few products which can aid in the more environmentally friendly car wash. If you need further advice or want to know more about the best practices for waterless washing, please contact us.

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