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Exterior Car Cleaning Products - by AVA of Norway

Car washing is fundamental to all detailing, if your car isn't clean to begin with, no machine polishing or sealant protection is going to make it better. Browse our extensive range of car cleaning products, many manufactured in the UK, that can remove road grim and dirt safely from your car's paintwork, wheels or even interior.

Snow Foam and Pre-Wash is the first stage to complete. This helps remove all the loose dirt from your cars paintwork. It also pulls the dirt and grime from areas such as body panel joints, behind number plates, wing mirrors, grills; if the dirt is in there, using a Snow Foam and Pre-Wash will help remove it.

Car shampoo and a soft wash mitt would be the next stage after the pre-wash. Gently agitate the dirt on the paintworks surface to remove it. Using the 2 Bucket Method to keep that contamination off the car safely.

Finally, identify any smaller ingrained contaminants that need removing from the car via specialist cleaners, such as, iron fallout removers or even a simple clay bar to lift it from the surface. Maybe you need to deal with bird droppings or waterspots that have built up on the car bodywork whilst it has been parked outside. These don't always come off with a normal shampoo, so would need some extra care.

Whatever the car washing product you are looking for, be it a specific type of car shampoo, or you are just looking for the best on offer, we have you covered. Shop below for all your car washing needs.