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Dodo Juice Pressure Squash (5 Litres)

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Intensive cleaning additive

Dodo Juice Pressure Squash is a low-dwelling, contactless cleaner acting as a dedicated pre-wash detergent for your pressure washer. It'll boost your contactless cleaning performance similar to how a snow foam would, but does not require such extensive rinsing.

Composed using a blend of Dodo Juice's existing All-Purpose Cleaners (APCs) and Traffic Film Removers (TFRs), the mixture of detergents, degreasers and mild solvents help to remove stubborn grime when making contact with the surface. The cleaning power of this product is of course enhanced further more when applied via the power of a pressure washer.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy Duty APC additive
  • For use with a pressure washer or wet vac
  • Low dwelling pre-wash solution
  • Contains a mixture of detergents, degreasers & mild solvents
  • Removes stubborn grime & crud

Directions for use:

  • Can be poured out (neat, it comes at the correct dilution) into a dosing bottle of your pressure washer before turning the mixing dial to 'on'. (If you don't have a dosing bottle, the lance gun may come with one).

  • If your pressure washer has an additive suction hose, simply unreel, then dunk the hose directly into the 5L container.

  • Pre-wash your car as you normally would - instead of the usual plain water being blasted from the pressure washer, the mildly foaming Pressure Squash will begin cleaning.

Size: 5 Litres

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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