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Meguiar's Deluxe Car Care Kit v2

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Meguiars Deluxe Car Care Kit v2
Meguiars Deluxe Car Care Kit v2
Meguiars Deluxe Car Care Kit v2
Meguiars Deluxe Car Care Kit v2
Meguiars Deluxe Car Care Kit v2
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The Top Seven Meguiars

Meguiar's with over a century of detailing and valeting knowledge has emerged as a global leader in car care maintenance. With seven of its top products, this Meguiar's Deluxe Care Kit v2 helps keep your car or motor vehicle looking showroom fresh. Includes everything from washing, protection, wheels, and accessories.

Ultimate Wash & Wax

Boost your car's shine and protection. Ultimate Wash & Wax is the ideal approach to clean and wax your car, increasing protection, glossiness, and shine! While you wash, Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax applies a thin layer of premium carnauba wax.

  • Improved gloss and shine in a single, simple step
  • Protection with hybrid carnauba/polymer wax
  • Amazing suds for removes filth and grime safely

Hybrid Ceramic Wax

With cutting-edge Si02 hybrid technology, you can preserve your car's paint with hybrid ceramics that are so simple to apply that you can literally wax your car while you wash it. There is no polishing or rubbing required, and there is no curing period. After finishing, you're left with ceramic durability and protection that offers excellent water beading resistance and lasts far longer than regular wax. Hybrid Ceramic Wax has truly been made simple!

  • Ceramic in a spray
  • Longer lasting than a conventional spray wax
  • Spray, Rinse & Dry, that easy

Supreme Shine Microfibre (x3)

Simple and quick. This very soft microfiber produces remarkable results. Three times more liquid is absorbed by the thick, dual-sided microfibre pile than by conventional terry towels, and less effort is required to remove product residue thanks to the fibre structure.

Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner

Meguiar’s Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner delivers powerful cleaning for hard-working wheels. Surfactants get to work quickly on road grime and brake dust. As a gel, Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner clings to the vertical surfaces providing longer dwelling times for more effective cleaning power.

Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel & Tyre Dressing Applicator Pad

The unique formulation of Endurance Tyre Gel stops tyres from turning brown and keeps them rich, high gloss black for weeks, through rain and shine. As it's a gel, less mess is created as the problems of overspray and drip marks on driveways are eliminated. Plus use the tyre dressing applicator pad for easy application and storage.

Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Cleaning automotive glass is a regular requirement, but it's so easy to leave smears and streaks. Meguiars has been working with professional detailers for many years to discover the most effective way to achieve perfectly clean smear-free windows and mirrors. Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner is the result of that research.

  • Spreads & wipes off quickly
  • Tackles even the dirtiest glass
  • Removes vinyl fog residue, road grime, bug squash & bird lime
  • Anti-hazing formula provides long lasting clarity
  • Can be used on tinted windows

Kit Includes:

  • Ultimate Wash & Wax (473ml)
  • Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax (768ml)
  • Supreme Shine Microfibre (x3)
  • Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner (768ml)
  • Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel (473ml)
  • Tyre Dressing Applicator Pad
  • Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner (473ml)
  • Black Meguiar's Kit Bag

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