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Swissvax Micro-Polish Cloth Blue

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Swissvax Micro-Polish Cloth (Blue)
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Microfibre Technology.

Polyester and polyamide fibres are split into microscopically thin, composite microfibres 100th the diameter of a human hair. Just one centimetre of our Micro Polish Cloth contains 30 kilometres of microfibre. As a result, Swissvax MicroPolish Wax Buffing Cloth shortens buffing to a fraction of the time regularly required and prevents smearing.

Customer Reviews

five stars 20 May 2015

The best

Simply the best microfiber cloth on the market. You pay the premium but it is so worth the extra outlay. As soon as you have it out of the box you can see and feel the quality. In use it buffs off wax with ease and the same for any cleaning products. Used it on the windows and had a streak free finish. Recommend! Special thanks to UF for dispatching as soon as it came into stock.

five stars 30 Apr 2015

Love It

Forget your MF cloth, this is exceptional when it comes to removing cured wax. Soft and subtle glides across the paintwork to ensure a scratch free experience, just what you need after a paint correction session.

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