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Pyramid Car Care Fallout Remover (500ml & 5 Litres)

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Pyramid Car Care Fallout Remover (500ml & 5 Litres)
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Colour-change car detailing fallout remover for cleaning wheels & paintwork.

Having a quality fallout remover product in your corner when attempting a particularly grubby pre-wash routine on a car makes your overall cleaning routine a lot smoother. Pyramid Car Care Fallout Remover goes to work on stubborn contaminants that require special attention prior to entering your wash stage. Including the likes of baked on brake dust debris and stubborn fallout, not to mention various other pieces of dirt and grime your car attracts from the road.

Pyramid Car Care Fallout Remover sprays onto the surface and actively works on stubborn contaminants, attaching itself during the dwell time, before turning purple in appearance; this is when you know the product is doing its best work and a blast of the pressure washer will help to remove the dirt in a much safer way. Fallout Remover is an amazing product to use on wheels that have not been cleaned for a long time or have registered a lot of motorway miles in testing weather conditions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Automotive fallout remover pre-wash product
  • Safely remove brake dust, fallout & heavy contamination
  • Colour change function - product turns purple to show it is working
  • Safe for use on all exterior paintwork, wheels etc
  • Makes car cleaning safer on surfaces - less chance of scratching

Directions for use:

  • It is recommended to rinse the surfaces you intend to spray Pyramid Car Care Fallout Remover onto first - best results can be achieved using a pressure washer
  • Take your bottle of Fallout Remover and spray liberally onto the effected areas, such as wheels and lower panels of the vehicle you're cleaning
  • Allow the product to dwell on the surfaces for a few minutes
  • Once the Fallout Remover's colour change function is activated, it will begin to turn purple
  • Safely wash away all traces of the product from the surfaces using a pressure washer

Size: 500ml & 5 Litres (Select from dropdown menu above).

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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