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ValetPRO Citrus Bling

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ValetPRO Citrus Bling (500ml & 1 Litre)
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The Most Versatile Product In Your Detailing Case!

Citrus Bling is a truly versatile product which minimises the number of products detailers need to carry around with them.

Use it as:

  • Fast wax
  • Drying aid
  • Quick detailer
  • Glass cleaner
  • Clay lubricant
  • Paintworks cleanser & gloss enhancer

Fast Wax:

Use it neat or diluted to protect your paintwork for up to 1 month in a quick spray and wipe formula. Gives new or nearly new paintwork that "just-waxed" look.

Drying Aid:

Mist on to a wet panel then wipe over with a drying towel for a flawless, spot-free finish with added sparkle.

Quick Detailer:

Dilutes up to 1:8 to quickly and easily remove dust and fingerprints from paintwork. Exceptional value for money!

Glass Cleaner:

Not the usual type of glass cleaner, but effective none-the-less!

Clay Lubricant:

An excellent clay lubricant providing the right amount of slickness to help the clay slide over the paintwork, whilst allowing the clay to trap the bonded contaminants. Citrus Bling also adds a shine to the process, enhancing the final waxed appearance.

Paint Cleanser & Gloss Enhancer:

Can be used neat, using the full power of orange zest to remove tar, glue, bugs, tree sap and other sticky contaminants. Additionally, it is ideal for using with a machine polisher to get your paintwork spotless, preparing it for the final wax.

Sizes: 1 Litre (Select from dropdown menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

Ash D
five stars 01 May 2023

Bling bling

Go to as a drying aid for a super finish or for bugs and bird muck spots. Not perfect on glass but otherwise a must have in anyone’s kitbag.

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